Several years ago I was learning to skateboard and I had several rough falls. I ended up with a sprained ankle, sprained wrist and dislocated shoulder. With little mobility and much free time, I knew I had to find new outlets for my energy. If you have ever visited Santa Barbara on a clear day, you may have been lucky enough to have watched the sun set over the ocean. The vivid colors reflected off the water and the cotton candy clouds are beautiful beyond words. These sunsets inspired me to start painting and my injury provided me with the perfect opportunity to start. So, day after day I’d take my folding chair, palette of watercolor paints, brushes and a cup to the bluffs over the beach and I’d try to capture the sunset. I have no natural artistic ability. I was god-awful at first but, with patience and practice, I persisted and I got better. I slowly improved my craft, learning to paint vivid landscapes in an effort to capture the essence of a Santa Barbara sunset. After many sunsets painted on the bluffs and some encouragement from friends, I decided to share my art with others. I began working with a local print shop and soon enough I was selling my paintings to students, professors and alumnus. About six months ago I decided to use my art store as a means to raise money for charitable causes and began donating 25% of each sale(revenue) to those affected by California Wildfires. Now I give 50% of my profits to charitable causes.  I am want to create more opportunities for fellow artists and drive more funding to causes in need of help. My artwork and the surrounding business serve as a testament to my dedication, persistence in the face of failure and drive to create a better world while appreciating the one we have.